Civility, Fairness, Accountability, Inclusion, Transparency, Knowledge and Justice
Civility, Fairness, Accountability, Inclusion, Transparency, Knowledge and Justice

We are a youth run organization dedicated to the sole objective of advocating and promoting good governance at all levels in Nigeria.





We engage and educate
citizens on their civic
rights and obligations.

Our Focus


INCLUSIVE GOVERNANCE: We believe that nation building can be most successful when all voices and perspectives are represented and considered, this is why, technology, emerging global trends, women, youths and the representation of other unconsidered minorities in government is extremely important for development and a practice we aim to promote.

STRONG INSTITUTIONS: We promote the need for strong institutions over the strong-man in a bid to ensure equitability for all citizens in the state.

General Support

This support is meant for organizational developments which includes utilities for organizational development.

Research Support

This support will aid us conduct better research work in terms of logistics and information gathering etcetera.

Projects Support

We cannot accomplish our objectives without financial resources. Consider donating to our projects.




NATU Foundation

Our Mission

“To empower citizens with policy ideas and strategic support to effective demand for good governance and social justice. We accomplish this through advocacies, inclusive and honest conversations, and research in a sustainable and inclusive manner”
NATU Foundation

Our Vision

“We envision a world where equitable, accountable, and just social contract between citizens and the state is effectively executed”

NATU Foundation

Our Values

Our Core Values are Civility, Fairness, Accountability, Inclusion, Transparency, knowledge and Justice.

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Some Questions about us

We have the Answers

What does NATU Foundation do?

Our general focus is Inclusive Governance and Strong Institution, we execute this through Research, Policy Advocacy, and Civic Education Etcetera.

What is the meaning of NATU?

NATU is an indigenous old TIV (a language native to the Benue people) name that can mean: Power, to be authoritative, Driven, Relentless or Relentlessly Striving. (There are no words in the English language to properly explain its deep meaning but it’s a name that is very meaningful to the Founder of NATU Foundation)

How is NATU Foundation Funded?

• Grants
• Goodwill Donations
• Crowd Funding

Can I sponsor NATU Foundation to do a research?

Absolutely but you cannot determine your preferred outcome of the research

What People Say About NATU Foundation

Read comments of some participants on our Civic Online Education efforts. 

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